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Making Activity Bins for Studying Arts and Crafts (with some project ideas)

Popsicle sticks are an excellent medium to use when making crafts with children. They are easy to work with, versatile and can be bought anywhere. There are many crafts that can be made using popsicle sticks and the projects can range in difficulty based on the age of the crafters. There are many things you can make with popsicle or craft sticks, including baskets, doll house furniture and pencil holders. You’ll have fun making these crafts, which are easy enough for children to do too, and the cost to make them is so cheap you’ll want to make dozens.

Magnetic Paper Holder
Children love making gifts their parents can use, which is why this is a wonderful craft idea. When finished this craft can be placed on your refrigerator and can be used to display important papers or art work. Each child will need a large popsicle stick, a clothes pin, a one inch section of craft magnet in a roll and decorative items. You will want offer the children sequence, paint, fake flowers, stickers, feathers and other small items to decorate there craft before completion. Each child will glue the clothes pin to what will be the front side of their craft. After the glue has somewhat dried they will peel the sticker of the back of their magnet tape and stick the magnet to the back of their craft in the middle. Once all the glue has dried and everything is set they can decorate the front of the item with their desired theme.

Popsicle Puppets
This is a fun idea for a class or child that has just completed a book. They can make the characters of the story come alive with their own mini puppet theater. To make the puppets you will need googly eyes, yarn for hair, fake fur, fabric for clothes, markers, paint and glue. Making the puppets is pretty self explanatory and giving the children creative freedom over this is a nice way to foster their imagination. Using the puppets can be done by either going behind a desk or another piece of furniture. Additionally, a stage can be made from a cardboard box about two times the size of the average shoe box. Making the stage is simple, you will cut out the bottom of the box and sit the box on its side. You then decorate the box and make theater curtains for it. The puppets go through the back of the stage or what was previously the bottom of the box.

Pencil Holder
Older kids tend to want to make things that look a bit more complex. Making a pencil holder using popsicle sticks is fairly easy, but it has the nicer presentation that an older child is looking for. Each child will need a empty cardboard toilet paper tube, several popsicle sticks, paint, decorative items, and a small piece of cardboard. First the kids will paint and decorate their popsicle sticks. Then they will use the toilet paper roll to trace a circle on the cardboard. They will cut out the cardboard and glue it in to the bottom of the toilet paper roll. To finish up they will glue the popsicle sticks around the toilet paper roll after they have dried. They can make a similar craft to hold larger items like kitchen utensils using a paper towel roll, however they will need to double up on the popsicle sticks when gluing to the roll.

Picture Frame #1
The popsicle stick frame is really a craft for all ages. It can be made simple for smaller kids or more elaborate for older kids. The simple way requires popsicle sticks, decorative items and glue. The children will make two squares of equal size. They will decorate the square that will serve as the front of the frame and leave the back square frame. To finish they will glue the two squares together on all seems except the top. When the frame has dried they can trim and insert their photo. Older kids can use transparency paper to make the front of the frame more complete and they can make a solid back by gluing popsicle sticks together to form an equal square to the front. They will need to cut a piece of cardboard for the base of the back. Ideas for frame decorating would consist of foam pieces, candy, puzzle pieces, markers, sequence, macaroni and paint.

Picture Frame #2
Make a quick and easy picture frame or other memento by gluing six popsicle sticks together, side by side, to form a flat piece of wood. Glue a picture on the sticks, off to one side, to leave room for adding a novelty to the arrangement. The novelty can be a woodsie shaped like a baseball or an apple. Or, the novelty can be a dolphin or other ceramic piece. There’s also room on the plaque to use paint pens to write a message or remembrance. Glue a hanger onto the back or cut a wedge of cardboard to make the plaque stand on a shelf.

Picture Frame #3
A different photo frame you can quickly make from popsicle sticks requires only eight sticks and a couple of minutes. Lay two sticks side-by-side, leave a gap and lay two more down, side-by-side. Glue the two sticks together on each side. Now glue two sticks together then glue them across the bottom of the first sets of sticks. Glue two more sticks together then glue them to the across the top. Turn the frame over and glue one craft stick across the bottom of the frame. This makes a nice picture frame that’s easy to make magnetic. Use a button magnet on the backside of each corner and place on the fridge or elsewhere. Enhance the frame by painting and adding a ceramic or wooden novelty.

Align 8 craft sticks, side-by-side and glue together. Screw “C” hooks in, across the center, to hold keys. Paint the “picket fence”, use rub-on appliques, or embellish with stickers. Staple or use glue to affix a hanger on the backside.

Lay one popsicle stick horizontally on a table. At each end glue a piece of twine onto the stick. Turn the stick over. Now align popsicle sticks across the top stick, from one end to the other. This quick and easy door hanger can be decorated with stickers that say “Keep Out” or flowers and a “Welcome” sign. Add wooden shapes, foam ladybugs or frogs, or other embellishments.

Purchase a flat wooden piece in the shape of a lion’s head, kitten head, or another four-legged animal. Lay one craft stick horizontally on a table. Glue the head to one end of the stick. Now glue four sticks vertically, on the backside of the horizontal stick, to form the legs. Add a rope tail and a couple of button magnets so it’ll hang on something metal. The little animal is cute and whimsical.


One easy craft for kids, that turns out looking quite elegant, is a lantern. Lay four popsicle sticks on wax paper to form a square. Glue them in place. Make four of the wax paper squares and allow to dry well. Trim the excess wax paper from the square. Now add woodsies (small, thin wooden shapes from a craft store) in any pattern you wish. One nice pattern consists of a round woodsie in the center with an oval woodsie on each corner, positioned with one end of the oval towards the corner and the opposite end towards the center circle. Glue the four squares together by using an additional craft stick in each inside corner. Place a votive in a glass holder and set inside the box. The light shines through the wax paper, but not the woodsies, making a unique pattern that’s warm and glowing.